Sunday, July 22, 2007

Open House

My girlfriend went out of town this weekend with her family so that left me home all alone, unsupervised, and prepared to get into all manner of trouble. I started by vacuuming the house and then I did laundry. Saturday night I did something extremely naughty: I went for ice cream.

Guess the hookers & blow will have to wait for when I'm not so busy with housework.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

No U-Turn

I think that most people, when they've been in a relationship for awhile, get to a place where they're really comfortable both with themselves and with their partner. For most people, this might mean letting out a little *poot* in front of the other person. For some, it means letting out a BIG *fwoof* in front of the other. I am neither one of those people.

Another thing that I think sometimes happens is that when you've been with the same person for a while you begin to question whether the other person still finds you attractive. This might also lead to questioning whether other people in general find you attractive. So maybe you engage in a little harmless flirting just to reassure yourself.

Question answered: I still got it.

HairWashGirl: Hi. Just lean back. Is that water too warm?
Tinyhands: Nah, I like it hot.1
HWG: Ha. So you got any big plans this weekend?
Me: Nope, just a hairscut and a couple loads of laundry.
HWG: Really? Nothing exciting going on?
Me: Nah.
(Long silence while she rubs my scalp ... I'm concentrating)
HWG: So do you have any pets? Dog?
Me: I have two fish.
HWG: You should get a dog.
Me: I'd like to get a puppy but I'm never home to play with it2.
HWG: Yeah, but you need some excitement in your life.
Me: So you think I should get some more fish?
HWG: ...
HWG: Let's go see if HairCutGirl is ready for you.

I got a pair of these: Neolamprologus brichardi 'daffodil'
Oh yeah, I still got it. For good measure I like to throw in the double six-guns, just like Shooter McGavin.

1This is where I correctly surmise she's never heard that one before.
2Harmless little lies go well with harmless flirting.