Thursday, July 07, 2011

We are experiencing technical difficulties

Pardon the delay.
Last week, my computer crashed like it hasn't crashed in YEARS. I'm talking old-school blue screen of death. I pride myself on having set up my computer in such a way that recovering from a system crash is pretty easy and I shouldn't have to worry about my data. But the BSOD is unusual and got me flustered so I panicked. My attempts to restore the system only made it worse and I did wind up losing some stuff. Stuff that I wouldn't have lost if I had remained calm. Not everything (the pr0n is ok), but there was effort involved in what was lost - a sold week's worth of photoshopping photos that I hadn't backed-up. The originals are ok, so it's back to square one now that I've got my basic platform restored. And come to find out, the blue screen was caused by a Microsoft update patch. I blithely clicked "ok" without reading it when they told me it was an important patch. I'm sure there are some famous quotes out there on complacency, but I don't really care to google them.