Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Post

I don't feel like blogging, if you hadn't noticed. It's a little bit of not having any good stories, a little bit of already telling my one good story per week to the two people I talk to, and a lot of feeling Seasonal Affective right now. I still feel like I just got back from a great vacation and now I'm unhappy because I can't go on vacation again for a while.

But I'll give you two thoughts on politics, which is a popular topic right now.
My first observation is that all the candidates are talking about change:

My second observation is that on January 3rd the voters of Iowa decided that Obama and Huckabee were the two best candidates. Then, less than a week later, voters in New Hampshire decided that Clinton and McCain were the two best. I don't take this to mean that there are differences between Iowa and New Hampshire or that the candidates have clarified or improved their positions. Since most Americans can't find either state on a map, the obvious conclusion is that they're the same. Thus, the changing opinion on candidates means that Americans are flip-floppers, that ALL Americans (because the states are indistinguishable) are therefore flip-floppers, and come this fall I'm not going to vote for a flip-flopping American. QED.