Monday, July 17, 2006

A Hard Day's Night

The relationship between my sister and I continues to strain further, though she couldn't be less aware of it. She called last night to tell me about plans for #2 nephew's birthday which is next weekend. The baby-daddy is going to be out of town (yes they're married, but calling my BiL baby-daddy is more fun, for me anyway) so she's having the party a few days early. As she's telling me the whole story about how she decided on where the party will be I tried to interject a little bit. Now, I've already mentioned how I'm a bit of a slow-talker, and I was doubly-frustrated last night. I just could not get a word in edgewise and I even sighed loudly & exaggeratedly whenever she cut me off but she took no heed. I was trying to tell her that a friend of mine can get discounted tickets to stuff like The Wiggles or a water-park down in Galveston, exactly the kind of thing her kids like to do. And since she's got 3 small kids and 1 income, I know she needs the discount. She was telling me how she was over in a "master planned community" (aka neighborhood) over on the south-side of town that has an awesome community pool, with fountains and slides and stuff, but they wouldn't let her in because she doesn't live in the community. I tried to interject to say that I have yet another friend who does live there and would be happy to let her friend's poor-white-trash sister and babies (i.e.: my sister & her babies) come over. But sister wouldn't let me speak, so I gave up trying. Let that be a lesson to you if you're the type of person who likes to run-off at the mouth without bothering to notice whether or not I'm still awake on the other end of the line.

I could always complain to my mother and/or tell her about the friend connections, since anything I tell my mother whether in confidence or not gets told to everyone else in the family, but I won't. I think I'll go to the zoo tomorrow instead and not invite my niece & nephews.


At 6:13 AM, Blogger Allie#3ga said...

have you tried telling her that fast talkers make the baby jesus cry?

i think bonnie wrote a song that says that :-)

At 12:43 PM, Blogger tinyhands said...

It's no fun making fun of my sister when she doesn't get that I'm making fun of her.

Hey, shut up. Don't lie to me.

At 5:53 PM, Blogger lucidkim said...

I talk too much and babble endlessly so I can't be too critical of your sister. I know it is frustrating but I'd still talk to your mom and make the day special for the little ones. Please? :) kim

At 11:25 PM, Blogger tinyhands said...

If I can't detest my sister, I don't know what I'd feel for her.


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