Sunday, October 17, 2004


Funny how a single phone call can turn the whole day around. A while back I had to stalk my "best" friend to send her a birthday card. She got involved with a guy and it started getting serious and soon her whole world revolved around him. Not pleasant for those of us outside that little world, since we were accustomed to having phone calls returned, emails, or the occasional lunch. But she chose to exclude everyone else from her life for a while, or so it seemed.

I hadn't spoken to her in months when she called today, to thank me for the birthday card from last month. It was a nice surprise, but strange to catch up on things like my divorce (which she didn't help me through) or her quitting working for the devil (which I would have helped her through). Kinda weird to talk about major stuff that the other wasn't involved in. She's getting ready to jump on a plane to meet the new guy's parents for the first time, since they're now talking about getting married. Not that I'm critical to the process or anything, but I haven't met the guy yet and they live together. How is this woman still my best friend?

It really made my day that she called. Don't get any ideas- I'm not in love with her. Sure I lusted after her when I first met her, but once I got to know her that all changed. Besides, I was married then and faithful to a fault. Totally platonic now. I spent the first half of the day running errands (errants, for those of you who live in Texas) and was in a foul mood. Sunday afternoon traffic jams are really off-putting, when all I really needed was a damn financial calculator for Wednesday's mid-term finance exam. But I survived day 12054, so 12055 couldn't be any worse. She invited me to go eat sushi with her and the man tomorrow, so at least I'll get to meet him. I'm glad it was her idea. I have this new policy of not chasing after my friends. I've never really been THAT guy, but if you're my friend and you can't return my phone calls or emails, I'm going to stop calling and emailing. It's that simple. And most of the time it means that I'll be sitting at home in front of the bigscreen watching the game by myself. Well, not the game, since I hate most pro sports. I'll be watching the fight, since I love boxing. Or I'll be watching one of my favorite shows. My favorite shows are usually there when I turn on the TV and, more importantly, they're there when I don't turn on the TV. You won't understand this, but I am comforted by the fact that the light comes on when I open the refrigerator door.

Tomorrow: My other friend is having an affair.


At 10:15 AM, Blogger MustBeChicken said...

Some people just have such a hard time multi-tasking in any area of their lives... the one course meal of human relationships, I guess. I've been in your situation many times. It's really difficult to try and be 'a friend' for someone when you sort of feel like they haven't been there for you. I'm sort the 'the mother' of my friends... you know, they call me up when they have problems, don't know how to cook something, or just need a shoulder to cry on... but sometimes, when life is really good, they don't call at all. I'm sort of used to it. BUT, to give you some peace of mind (from a woman's perspective, anyway), just because she has been distant and somewhat self absorbed doesn't mean she doesn't love you as her best friend. Smile and eat some sushi! :)


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