Monday, August 30, 2004

A sombrero at the opera

As I picked at the scab on my arm I realized that I had never injured myself in the first place. In researching this topic, I came across a great website, What's a Scab? The website explains what's happening when a scab forms, but the only possibilities they discuss for the formation are scrapes and cuts. The website doesn't say anything about spontaneous scab formation. I've sent them an email and some pictures so they can update their valuable resource. In the event they're not prepared to handle such a development, I've also sent the pictures and story to a Catholic priest friend of mine in an email entitled, "The Immaculate Secretion." He'll know what to do.

I stalked my best friend today. It's a shame that I haven't talked to her in 6 months, but her birthday is coming up in 2 weeks so I need to put a card in the mail. As my best friend, she invited me to her apartment once so I knew where to send the card, I just didn't have the physical address. It's convenient for me that I have nothing to do all day, and also a good thing that security at most apartment complexes sucks. I just fumble around at the keypad like it's not working until the guy behind me uses his remote and bingo, problem solved.

And now, the title story: Yes, a woman wore a sombrero to the opera.
Sunday was the theater district open house. (aside: For those of you unaware, Houston has the largest metropolitan theater district outside of New York and the Houston Grand Opera company is, no shit, world-class.) Since I'm more interested in opera than plays, ballet, or the symphony, I started out at the operahouse. I've never been to the open house before, but they give tours, meet some of the cast members, and sell half-price tickets to one or more of the shows. Susan Graham is coming to perform the female lead in Idomeneo, so I was praying that would be one of the half-price shows, but they were only discounting Madame Butterfly. In any case, I'm taking the backstage tour when I feel something along the lines of road rash brushing against my neck. I whip around to find myself nose to brim with a 3' (1m) diameter sombrero with a rather largish woman of hispanic descent stuck to the bottom of it. My puzzlement is threefold: 1) Who actually wears a sombrero outside of the showcase of Latino Heritage at Epcot? 2) Is it possible for someone with the poor taste to wear a sombrero to actually enjoy opera? 3) Why are my seats virtually guaranteed to be behind sombrero-gal?


At 12:01 AM, Blogger tonia said...

with a title like that, you know this post had to be good.
laughed my f**kin' ass off!
wish we had reconnected six months ago - i would have LOVED to go to the open house...


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