Wednesday, August 25, 2004

First day of class blues

First day of class this evening. Yes, the first day of class was a Wednesday. That's because I'm in grad school (aside: I'm smart, remember? Try to keep up.) and it's only one day a week (per class). Managerial Finance, and it's going to suck. The professor is cool, I guess, but she strikes me as a smarty-pants, know-it-all kind of professor and you can bet she'll lecture the full 3 hours.

Stopped by the bookstore on the way to class, but they didn't have all the texts. I did pick up the 2 required books for tomorrow night's statistics class. 2 books, $230. And that doesn't include the text for tonight's class, when it finally comes in. Add to that the tuition: 2 classes, $2600. This sucks. (aside: I know, I promised to use 'off-putting' more, but put yourself in my shoes for a second.) Someone remind me why I'm doing it. I was thinking that maybe I should get a job to pay for all this, but then I'd just bitch about where all my paychecks are going.

To top it all off- No cute girls in class. Not one. Not even if I squint my eyes real hard and pull a nose hair so that my eyes water. The 3 grand per semester wouldn't be so bad if I could get my perv on for a couple hours each week. (sigh)

3 strikes in one day. End of blog.


At 11:27 PM, Blogger tonia said...

if you *really* want to get your perv on, you gotta stop limiting yourself to the cute girl thing...


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