Thursday, August 12, 2004

The invisible man

Blogging is a lonely hobby. I've read many other blogs out there, and while few people come right out and say it, they're lonely too. I sat in [restaurant name withheld until their endorsement check arrives- no free press!] yesterday eating my burrito by myself. It was lunchtime and the place was crowded. I don't work, so I was by myself, while just about everyone else was with someone, probably a coworker or two. Since it was crowded I couldn't get a table. I took one of the stools at the windows, along the periphery of the restaurant. (Aside: "Periphery" is a GREAT word. Look for it in more of my future posts!) It occurred to me that without someone else there, I was the tree falling in the woods. The invisible man. As luck would have it, the rack that usually contains the Houston Press was empty, so I couldn't even pretend to be engrossed in reading that while I ate. I had to just keep my head down and eat. And now, blogging blindly into the ether, without an intended reader or audience, I'll just keep my head down and type.


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