Monday, August 09, 2004


What? It's a real word, I promise. I watch Jeopardy a lot, so I must be smart. Come to think of it, if I had titled this "Potpourri" you'd know both of the previous two facts without me having to write it. I really must work on being more succinct. I'm also going to try to work "off-putting" into more conversations. It's so much nicer than "sucks".

Not many thoughts today, so I'll try to start a Monday tradition of posting a list of songs I'm listening to:
1. Zack Hexum - Met a Girl Like You Once
Saw this guy on Kilborn last week. He's going to be a star.
2. James Taylor - On The 4th of July
Singing harmony with Sweet Baby James is better than Lexapro.
3. Dixie Chicks - I Believe In Love
Country music to put you back in the mood for #2.
4. KC & The Sunshine Band - Boogie Shoes
When the manic kicks in and you gotta dance.
5. Michael Penn - Me Around
Heard this in the background of my favorite (cancelled) show, Mind of the Married Man.


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