Thursday, October 28, 2004


I bombed my finance mid-term the other night. I don't know what I was thinking, but it sure wasn't bond yield. I was asked a question where the answer should have been in terms of percent, and I gave an answer in terms of dollars. My head was COMPLETELY up my ass, and I didn't get any of the ancillary benefits of such an arrangement. You know, the "look what I can do with my head" effect. I'm not a straight-A student, so I don't usually lose sleep over that sort of thing, but I was really embarassed. I sent an email to the prof, not asking for special consideration, but apologizing. She said I should be able to make it up on the final and that I should go ahead and pull my head out.

While on the subject of school, I had exam #2 in statistics tonight. The test was no big deal, but I knew there was something wrong the second I walked into the room. The unmistakable scent of human funk: BO. This was more than one person could have done by himself so I imagine there had been a bunch of guys over at the gym working out who then came across the street and rubbed their armpits over every surface in the room. Honestly, there's no other explanation. It was gag-reflex bad. B-Odious, B-Offensive, B-Opprobrious, B-Obloquious, B-Overwhelming, B-Obscene, B-Objectionable, B-Outrageous, and of course, B-Off-putting.

Update on the dining room: It's almost Halloween, so Christmas lights FINALLY went on sale. I've been waiting since Labor Day. I bought a couple of strings and put one up, though I want to put some clear ones on the inside. Hope you like it.

[Note: The umbrella is octagonal, it just looks screwed from this floor-level photo.]

Finally, I hope the lack of reply from the squirrels indicates their agreement to my demands. Either that, or they're trying to retain counsel. Still, I would have appreciated some acknowledgement.


At 3:19 PM, Blogger lucidkim said...

You're taking Finance and Stats at the same time? Ugh. I hated both classes - I can't even decide which one I hated the most. Great lights. kim

At 4:57 PM, Blogger MustBeChicken said...

I hear ya... I had a midterm in stats yesterday... my calculator had a brain fart 5 min. in and broke. Damn TI-83. You rely on the thing and then it breaks and you will inevitably fail... such is life (or any relationship, whether it be with a calculator or otherwise... sorry to be so cyncial at such a young age). I'm not a straight A student either (obviously). :) --S


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