Saturday, November 13, 2004

Pop quiz

Can you spot the commonality in these seemingly discontinuous thoughts?

-Last week I had a dream where the President (W) and I were really good friends. We were supposed to go somewhere together but he was running late, so I was charging around the White House trying to get him moving. I scribbled a quick note the next morning to help me remember the dream- 'befriending the President' is all I wrote and that's all I remember.

-I saw a link to in someone else's blog. They have a quiz where you answer several questions about your spiritual beliefs and it attempts to tell you which major religion you most closely identify with. My beliefs are a moving target, but the answer I got was Theravada Buddhism, something I've suspected on my own for a while now.

-I walked the mall today and it was very crowded. The only thing I came home with (since I couldn't get a haircut) was that beautiful women don't need big breasts and big breasted women don't need to be beautiful. That's not to say that the two are mutually exclusive, it's just a function of need.

-Unless it's funny, disregard everything you see on TV. I watched a program on the Travel Channel called "George Foreman's Houston" and it was total crap. He claimed that Luther's is the best BBQ and the best seafood is at the downtown Aquarium restaurant. I'll say it again: I believe that everyone is entitled to his own opinion, except when that opinion is just plain wrong.


At 1:22 AM, Blogger Badaunt said...

So where does that leave us small-breasted non-beautiful women then, eh? Doesn't fabulously intelligent count for anything?

(I'm not saying that I'm fabulously intelligent, you understand, just that I COULD be if it turned out to be necessary and if I put my mind to it.)

At 10:34 AM, Blogger Zelda said...

I've taken this quiz before, and both times it said I subscribe 100% to the beliefs of an Orthodox Quaker. Whatever that means.

And Foreman was bought off. Either that, or he never gets out. Luthers sucks, and the Aquarium sucks harder. What the hell is he thinking? Or better yet, how much is he getting paid? I hope it's worth it for your soul and credibility.

And that concludes my overzealous, righteous indignation for the day.

At 11:38 AM, Blogger tinyhands said...

Baddy- You make me smile on a daily basis (even if I don't leave a comment), and that counts for everything. I'll work on revising my theory to include brains but I'm not very hopeful.

Z- My point exactly. Of course, there's something a little askew about a guy who names his 5 sons George and his 5 daughters Georgina. (no lie!

At 6:30 PM, Blogger Heather said...

Oh, my gosh! I just realized who you are!! And last time you commented on my blog, I didn't respond because I didn't realize it was you! AAHH!! Why didn't you give me a hint? I've missed you!

I now have a complex about whether or not my blog sucks. Feedback would be appreciated.

At 6:33 PM, Blogger Heather said...

And why didn't you tell me you watch Joan of Arcadia? That's only, like, my FAVORITE show. I'm in love with Adam.

I can't believe Judith died.

At 6:26 AM, Blogger Badaunt said...

Ah, it's OK. The Man thinks I'm beautiful. I make him laugh so much (not always intentionally, I must confess) that he hasn't noticed yet that I'm not. I have a feeling he might be not quite as good looking as I imagine him to be, either.

I think laughter should count. (Particularly those little involuntary snorts that bubble up and take you by surprise. You know the ones.)


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