Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Pu'u 'O'o

Local surfer
The big island is actually named Hawai'i. It is nicknamed "the big island" because it is more than twice as big as all the other islands combined. Should you ever visit the big island, everyone you meet will feel compelled to reveal this fact as though nobody else is allowed to let you in on the secret. It really is a big island though, and it takes a good 3 hours to drive from the Kona coast (west) to the island's biggest city, Hilo (east coast). We drove to Hilo to see Rainbow Falls and Akaka Falls. Hilo is also the best starting point for a helicopter tour of the current lava flow, not flowing from Kilauea itself but a vent named Pu'u 'O'o (pronounced Poo-ooh oh-oh). At the time of our visit, the lava was not flowing into the ocean (my fault) and was not erupting violently (also my fault), just ungodly hot (unless your name happens to be Pele) lava oozing out of this vent. Too far to hike, the helicopter is required. Beth and my mom initially said they wouldn't go, but when faced with the reality of being in Hawai'i and NOT seeing the lava, they relented. Little did they know, they'd be in the front seat together. Rumour has it, it was the highlight of the trip.
Lava. Lamp not included. Akaka falls


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